I am a papercut artist, designer and fabricator.  I create papercuttings in the Polish Folk Art tradition wycinanki, functional objects and educational interactive exhibits for the public.  Although the environmental issues facing our planet often feel insurmountable, I create to ground myself in the things worth saving and make sense of complexity.  My work makes use of reclaimed materials, open source scientific data, and casting materials.  I am drawn to repetition, symmetry, and multiple layers found in nature, scientific processes and traditional Folk Art.   Thematically, I explore dualities including the industrial and natural worlds; tradition and newness; personal and communal; decorative and functional; handcrafted and machine-made.   I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Health and the Environment from McGill University and a Masters of Industrial Design from Georgia Institute of Technology.  I am a member of the Guild of American Papercutters and have worked professionally as an Exhibit Fabricator for the Smithsonian and the Shedd Aquarium producing artifact mounts, animal habitats, tactile models, replicas and interpretive graphics.
I am available for commission, freelance part-time and contract work.
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